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Submitted on
October 15, 2006



ODDS for October 12th + 13th 2006

Sun Oct 15, 2006, 12:29 AM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen..shaddap I luv it
  • Drinking: coffee
MY ART ACCOUNT: :iconoibyrd:oibyrd
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literatureODDs :iconliteratureodd:literatureODD
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Literature ODD by ladynightseductionImager's Fractal DD's Stamp by ImagersFractalDDsManip Equips Stamp by alana-m

*NEW :icon3d-dd:3D-DD features the best of the best in 3d digital artwork! :)
Always take a few minutes when you visit dA to give at least ONE person a really serious look at and then comment! It's what keeps all of us inspired! :)

another handful of overdue features coming your way - forgive me for clogging up your journal inbox ;) xoxo
:wave:Hello there! Welcome to the ODDS (oibyrd daily deviations)! I find that far too often artists that are a real talent don't get the credit they deserve. It's easy to get lost in the crowd of artists here on dA: so my mission is to turn a
:spotlight-left: spotlight :spotlight-right:on those people to give them some more exposure. :clap:

:bulletred:PLEASE NOTE - some artists I feature simply because they are bloody brilliant. So pointing out their thousands of fav's will have no effect on me;) just enjoy them...okay? okay :D
We now have an affiliate to help me with my ODD features! iheartpirates has graciously offered to feature the writers on dA! Be sure to check her features!

**NEW!!**I have also added a new feature to the ODDS - courtesy of :icon3d-dd:3D-DD. He shall be up and running with a subby next month - go check it out if you are interested in 3D Digital art. There's already some really talented folks linked to his journal :)
~~~ STATS!! ~~~
18791 Deviations Featured!
1596 Deviants WATCH the ODD features!
DISCLAIMER - NO COMPLAINTS ABOUt NUDITY OR MATURE CONTENT DAMMIT!!!!: My features may contain nudity and/or mature content. Please be advised. If you are offended by such images, do NOT watch my features! Thank you kindly!
:) A few examples of my own artwork in my :iconoibyrd: page :)
It's First Visitor by oibyrdAll The Pretty Things by oibyrdLost by oibyrdBioMechaFractal by oibyrd:thumb40784375:The Enchantress by oibyrdThe Color of My Love by oibyrdAbstract Foundation by oibyrdA Drop of Blue by oibyrd:thumb29979624:
:winner: ODDS for October 12th and13th 2006 :winner:
**some favs chosen from my art account - I am falling asleep so this'll be an easier one ;) Sorry for the lack of creativity - I need a nap :giggle:!

Self-Portrait by jpkamyThe angel of my star by megoboomno title by density-tmrWhimsical by kristymariethomasgeometry by erka1Old Mercantile by gjmcphersonYou Always Walk Away by jasinskithe cat by will21The Beautiful People by GorshankSummer Wind by LimeGreenSquidRed by intangibleobjectWolverine 2 by 12monthsOFwinterDeviantMUSEII: Taurina by AshleighPopplewell:thumb36344324:Space Cake - 2" x 2" by katat0nikDRAMA-TIKI no.1 by francisff:thumb35035268:

Izzy by Chris10Once in a Blue Moon by Imager1966:thumb40757330:in X scapable by PwrmekWinter's Goddess by ChaoticGoddessTinyDancer by jstles:thumb41269712::thumb41143185:Angelina Angel by Paigesmumpaper by gateman45Nessa by babypixieIron Man de Cheeks by Saiyanlink:thumb39483388:You are the air that I breathe by CryptFiend

S02_Round the Bend by BaDDoGNZ:thumb40008047::thumb41324338::thumb40099137:.: NYC Reflections :. by LightWorksJazmine by ApocalypticaaBorn Again by BitterGrapes:thumb39993121::thumb40912341::thumb40022991:on an island by werol:thumb39590923:Underwater Chrysanthemum by couleurExpressions BW by Paigesmum:thumb39681062:Jolly Roger by ZymmijAnother Day by brumie

:thumb39787597:All That Jazz 2 by LongStockZurk II by dreamstockClematis 1 by racehorse87-stockOld by infidem-stock:thumb41322153:Sitting by that-damn-eskimoThe Flute Player by atistatplay:thumb41312907:Rose Petals Stock 1 by SilentGod88Laughing is the best medicine by infidem-stockSkydancer-Stock 0744 by skydancer-stockWindow Garden by racehorse87-stock:thumb40893105:

Music Panels, Compiled by smashmethodMoonlight Sonata by jesushaxyouButterflies and Hurricanes by AthysetteHigh in the clouds by aLiTaBlondeGoth"You Are Not Special" Desktop by oleiahOrganica by MisterFatJ

:winner: ARTIST OF THE DAY! :winner:
:thumb41141699:thok - emergence by machine-guts:thumb39093517:
:love: PRINT OF THE DAY! :love:
Goth by CrisVector by :iconcrisvector:CrisVector
:thumb41231968: by :iconbeit7studios:beit7studios

Like What you see? Feel free to use my stamps in your journal ;)
Courtesy of vyletcrush, ChaoticGoddess, Scully7491 and jstles. Thanks guys!
:thumb26494986::thumb26511638:Unban OibyrdsDDs by ChaoticGoddessOibyrd Stamp by ChaoticGoddess
Izzy Light Stamp by ChaoticGoddessSupport Oibyrds Accounts stamp by ChaoticGoddessI Support Oibyrd Stamp by ChaoticGoddess
Izzy Angel Stamp by ChaoticGoddessNew for sandi by jstlesOibyrd's Shimmery Stamp by ChaoticGoddessReal Men Wear Heels Stamp by ChaoticGoddess
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jstles Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
Thank you Sandi!!
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
you're very welcome! :):hug:
SeductiveByatch Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
I love the photo by *BitterGrapes
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
me too - warmed my heart :love:! I'm a sucker for family photos like that - with one generation and another - playing, cuddling etc - she has hands that could tell a billion stories :nod:.
SeductiveByatch Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
I have one I want to post of my dad, brother and nephew who are each roughly 20 years apart and look so much alike it is like looking at the same man in different stages of life. I need to edit it and post it I have a frontal view and a back view, the back showcases hair and its I am thinking of putting them side by side.
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
omigod you so have to do that :excited: that is a wonderful creative idea!!! Can ya note me when you've completed it?
SeductiveByatch Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
I will try to do it soon, and when I do I will note you.
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
that's awesome :clap: thx babe xoxoxo! :heart:
I'm actually making something for you now - when I'm done I'll send u a link so you can put it in your wishlist ;) xoxo
SeductiveByatch Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
For ME!!???
Why? I love you sexy!!
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006
because I love you - I need no other exuse my dear ;)
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